Pan de Jamon

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Pan de Jamon or Venezuelan Ham Bread is another key element of the Venezuelan Xmas table. The bread is stuffed with smoked ham, bacon strips, olives and raisins.

Available on the 8th, 15th and 22nd of December.
Limited capacity.

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Q: What is the deadline for my order?
A: Deliveries: last orders by December 22rd.
Pick up: last orders by December 22rd. We will be back to work January 3rd.

Q: How do I receive my Pan de Jamon?
A: Pan de Jamon is always delivered fresh. Subject to availability.

Q: How do the Pan de Jamon arrive?
Pan de Jamon arrive frozen within 30-45 min after being shipped.

Q: How long does the Pan de Jamon last?
A: Up to 3 days when fresh. Up to 3 months when frozen.

Q: Can I freeze my Pan de Jamon?
A: Yes, you can. When you need it, move the Pan de Jamon 24 hours before consumption from the freezer to the fridge. Then, warm up the oven at 160’C for 5 min and place the bread in for 10min. Always better to moist the bread surface with some drops of water.

Enjoy, Feliz Navidad!

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